Locus, an OpenText Implementation Partner and Application Managed Services company, is celebrating 27 years of partnering and helping our clients derive value from their OpenText investment. We have focused on enterprise information management and application managed services since we opened our doors in 1991 and spent the last decade focused solely on OpenText product enablement.

Many of you are working with us now or have worked with us in the past on affecting changes within your organization through the implementation of enterprise content management, governance programs, or implementing critical business processes, which has led to two consecutive Partner of the Year Awards from OpenText Corporation. Please visit us at http://locussystems.com

Relax and recharge with the Locus team at the charging station.

What’s the Enterprise World Program?

The Enterprise World program goal is to provide you with an insightful, inspiring, and interactive deep dive into the possibilities of Enterprise Information Management and the role OpenText can play in achieving success for your company.

Find out more about OpenText Enterprise World 2018 here.