Do you run EIM or SAP solution extensions from opentext?

does your organization run eim or sap solution extensions for opentext

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2013 North America Partner of The Year
2014 North America Partner of The Year
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Since its inception in 1991 Locus has focused on enterprise information management. Starting in 2005 we began to concentrate on OpenText product enablement and to specialize in its application for hundreds of our business clients — many of them exactly like your organization.

Some of you might already be working with us. Some of you may be thinking about working with us. And possibly, some of you have never heard of us (though we’d be surprised at that). The point is whether your organization is global and stretches halfway around the planet, or simply hums along in a single time zone, we can help.

If you deploy any of these technologies, find out from us how AMS can help you maximize your investment.

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If you answer yes to any of these statements.

Maybe we should talk?

Maybe we should talk

I need to improve the stability and performance of my company’s document management efforts, and somehow reduce costs at the same time.

Our team faces new regulatory requirements that we need to implement in order to manage our content and applications.

My management group insists that I devise a plan to transition to the cloud. They want it done right the first time.

It’s paramount that my company can rely on partners who manage and maintain our business-critical applications. We need to be confident we can trust these partners like they are our own people.

How can Locus help me?

AMS, a Locus service offering.

How can Locus help you

Application Managed Services are designed to scale and evolve with the dynamics of your business. Our two primary offerings help your organization meet service level objectives and improve user adoption while improving ROI.


Application Managed Services with Tier Two and Tier Three support wherever you happen to do business on the planet.


Application Managed Services with Tier Two and Tier Three support during core business hours in your time zone.


Tailored to meet your objectives and key performance indicators,
the focus of these two offerings include:

  • Platform Administration
  • Environment Configuration
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Incident Management
  • Performance Tuning
  • Integration Support
  • Provisioning
  • Patch Management
  • Upgrade Services
  • Scalability Management
  • Business Continuity

Just who do we think we are?

And can we really make a difference.

who do we think we are

Since 1991, Locus has been helping companies like yours manage their data. OpenText has recognized our expertise and excellence by selecting us for their prestigious Partner of the Year Award two years in a row — 2013 and 2014!

Our approach is simple yet very effective – focus on key performance indicators aligned with your organization’s requirements and deliver on them consistently with high quality ISO 9000 standards. Under the watchful eyes of Locus service professionals who manage your data (most of whom have seven or more years of experience in the field) you can be assured that the regular and comprehensive audits and monitoring systems we deploy help us gauge how we’re doing so we can meet your expectations and keep your platform humming.

After years of guiding clients through the tricky geography of data management, we realized the experience, knowledge and successes we developed in partnership with our customers was valuable knowledge indeed. It was that realization that enabled us to develop AMS.

Where do you start?

We're easy to reach and easy to talk to.

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We would be happy to partner with you to design (or refine) solutions to make your information management needs more profitable and less costly. Contact us to discuss your objectives and needs to start the journey towards excellence.

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